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astir / в движении, на ногах, в возбуждении
в движении
in motion, afoot, astir, on foot, a-going, abroach
на ногах
в возбуждении
agog, astir, in a twitter, all in a fluster
имя прилагательное
excited, agitated, thrilled, moved, nervous, astir
находящийся в движении
excited, agitated, energized, overwrought, thrilled, astir
имя прилагательное
in a state of excited movement.
the streets are all astir
A week later, the Haifa municipality was still astir as officials spoke of the amazing funeral.
A little less than a year ago, the New York offices of news agency Reuters were all astir over the forthcoming float of shares in the firm's electronic trading network, Instinet.
The two walked quickly back to the village, which was now all astir with life.
Moments later, the room was astir , with half a dozen instructors and guards, all working to release them.
The central part of Westhoughton was early astir this morning on the occasion of a great walk which had been arranged to take place from Westhoughton to Southport.
Something is astir in Bilin - mass Palestinian demonstrations based on non-violence and Israeli participation.
Yet there is a new movement astir in the world, against the inherent violence of globalization, corporate rule and fundamentalism, that reminds us strongly of the early 1960s.
When news of the gruesome homicide began to trickle out, the Washington Post newsroom was astir .
We do not know entirely what is astir , but we can feel that the world is ready to throw itself into turmoil.
Shanghai has recently been astir with news that one of Taiwan's richest men is planning to open a ‘baozi’ - Taiwan steamed buns with stuffing - restaurant.