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assured / гарантированный, уверенный, самоуверенный
имя прилагательное
guaranteed, assured, certified, secure
sure, confident, certain, assured, positive, secure
assertive, confident, opinionated, cocky, perky, assured
имя прилагательное
“Certainly not,” was her assured reply
protected against discontinuance or change.
an assured tenancy
tell someone something positively or confidently to dispel any doubts they may have.
Tony assured me that there was a supermarket in the village
make (something) certain to happen.
victory was now assured
The performance was certainly more assured than the stuttering 2-2 draw with Loule earlier in the week.
Callers can be assured that confidentiality is guaranteed.
He handled the foot-and-mouth crisis a few years back with an assured confidence and leadership not displayed by any minister in any crisis for years.
The performance in Dublin was as assured and purposeful as Wembley had been six months previously.
The Committee considered that if Flat 6 was improved and let on a typical assured shorthold tenancy, it would let for a rent in the region of £900 per lunar month.
If the annual market rent is in excess of £25,000 no landlord could reasonably be expected to let the premises at less than the market rent when the only advantage of an assured tenancy would be to the tenant.
Be assured that our vision is and remains client satisfaction.
Only 17 years old at the time the film was shot, she gives a remarkably assured performance as the rich and beautiful young socialite.
From the information available, it would appear that Mrs Ali has an assured tenancy at the above address.
By contrast, Kerry had wandered around the stage with his microphone, making comments and interacting with the crowd, talking in a relaxed, assured fashion.