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assume / предполагать, принимать, брать на себя
assume, guess, suppose, expect, suspect, presume
accept, take, receive, adopt, assume, pass
брать на себя
assume, shoulder, take upon oneself
suppose to be the case, without proof.
you're afraid of what people are going to assume about me
take or begin to have (power or responsibility).
he assumed full responsibility for all organizational work
take on (a specified quality, appearance, or extent).
militant activity had assumed epidemic proportions
However, the underlying fact remains that the area is in the grip of a severe water contamination problem which is threatening to assume epidemic proportions in the coming days.
you're afraid of what people are going to assume about me
it is reasonable to assume that such changes have significant social effects
Both, for obscure hedonistic purposes, assume the false name Ernest only to find that their respective paramours, Cecily and Gwendolen, will spurn any man who does not go by that name.
By 2015, heart-related ailments will assume epidemic proportions, world over.
We assume full responsibility for the content of this article.
All of this could enable the interim government to assume real power and control in coming months and set the stage for an elected government to take over in January.
This is especially true in an age of reality television, which allow the news reports coming from Iraq to assume a surreal quality.
Suppose we assume some particular scale for the space shown in that one picture.
Suddenly the Ireland of the ‘great craic’ so beloved of visiting stag parties began to assume different proportions.