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associate / ассоциировать, общаться, связывать
associate, connect, couple
deal, socialize, associate, converse, commune, mix
bind, associate, connect, bound, link, tie
имя существительное
partner, associate, member, playmate, bedfellow, pard
colleague, associate, friend, brother, confrere, oppo
companion, partner, affiliate, associate, butty, pard
имя прилагательное
connected, bound, related, tied, associated, associate
combined, joint, united, integrated, consolidated, associate
affiliate, associate, combined, appendant
имя существительное
a partner or colleague in business or at work.
he arranged for a close associate to take control of the institute
a person with limited or subordinate membership in an organization.
Subsequent investigation turned up 22 members and associates of white supremacist organizations in the division's ranks.
a concept connected with another.
In this task, listeners heard sets of five paired associates .
connect (someone or something) with something else in one's mind.
I associated wealth with freedom
имя прилагательное
joined or connected with an organization or business.
an associate company
Thus a typical for-profit college is much more likely than their public or private nonprofit counterparts to confer both associate and bachelor's degrees.
associate member
This church had in its constitution provisions for associate membership.
Since the decision was made, all former associate female members have made the transition to full membership.
Later, he was one of the few people chosen to participate in an accelerated hotel management associate 's degree program taught by top chefs from England.
So, on Sunday, the governing committee dissolved the associate status level.
After six years, she finally earns an associate 's degree.
First, the highest degree earned was categorized as 0 for no degree, 1 for a certificate, and 2 for an associate 's degree.
No charges have been laid, but the man in custody is reported to have been a friend and associate of the deceased.
The survey found that 73 percent of the respondents reported receiving an associate 's degree and that 32 percent said they were going on to seek a bachelor's degree.