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assistant / помощник, ассистент, лаборант
имя существительное
assistant, helper, mate, aide, help, aid
assistant, adjutant
assistant, tester, demonstrator, demonstrationist
имя прилагательное
helping, supporting, assistant, adjutant
имя существительное
a person who ranks below a senior person.
the managing director and his assistant
assistant director
She is also a part-qualified accountant and trained assistant care home manager.
he's an assistant to the minister
He has years of experience as an assistant manager and is very eager to take the next step.
a care assistant
Julie had to give up work as a school support assistant because she is afraid to leave her son alone in the house.
He's signed other strikers and there's an assistant manager who will have his own views on things.
I used to be an assistant manager at one of the big chain stores in America.
To restart the project we had to formally request permission from the assistant director.
After that he said his client left the education system and got a job as an assistant manager of a clothes shop in the town.