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assist / помощь, вспомогательный механизм
имя существительное
help, assistance, aid, support, assist, helping
вспомогательный механизм
assist, auxiliary, pilot, doctor
facilitate, contribute, assist, support, further, cooperate
help, assist, succor, support, aid, serve
help (someone), typically by doing a share of the work.
a senior academic would assist him in his work
имя существительное
an act of helping, typically by providing money.
the budget must have an assist from tax policies
Even the politicians gave the media an assist by recruiting a famous speech from more than a century ago in an effort to capture the moment.
An emphasis on the family is important to assist parents in supporting their children's grieving process.
Rainbows is a peers support programme to assist children or adults who are grieving a death or separation.
Without the motorized assist , it took 45 minutes to triangulate into my first wave.
Garda are anxious to speak to the owner of an articulated lorry who may be able to assist with information.
He will be long remembered by his colleagues for untiring attention to all aspects of his work, unfailing courtesy and easy availability to assist and advise.
a senior academic would assist him in his work
We would urgently appeal to the driver or passengers as they may have vital information to assist this investigation.
The footage could also be passed onto police to assist with inquiries.
It's no exaggeration to state that a great assist is the sign of intelligent, team-first basketball, the type of hoops everyone wants to see.