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assiduity / усердие, рачительность, старание
имя существительное
zeal, diligence, fervor, industry, assiduity, painstaking
diligence, effort, endeavor, application, exertion, assiduity
имя существительное
constant or close attention to what one is doing.
the assiduity with which he could wear down his opponents
He cultivated his role as a celebrity with all the assiduity common to our media stars today.
The officers however, pursued their investigation with the utmost assiduity and with not a little skill.
I do not think that it is fair just or reasonable that the extent of the liability of the defendants should depend on the assiduity of the surveyors instructed by the claimants.
Despite the assiduity and rigor of the performers, modern dance was generally promoted and received as a pastime for females.
The sense of identity formed by one's assiduity as a listener or an amateur performer was by now so strong as to require some determination in order to be rejected.
He is loved internationally for his academic assiduity and penchant for historical research.
And when she portrays a horse or a tiger on the canvas, her assiduity gives it a professional touch.
It is true that I was aware of the lack of oral instruction, but I tried to replace this by even more assiduity .
The young secretary's assiduity rapidly won him esteem, and some dislike.
When he arrives home with his newspaper he dons his spectacles and, ignoring the front and back pages, proceeds to peruse the death notices with the utmost assiduity .