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asset / имущество, ценное качество, ценный вклад
имя существительное
property, estate, possessions, asset, goods, substance
ценное качество
ценный вклад
имя существительное
a useful or valuable thing, person, or quality.
quick reflexes were his chief asset
He will be a decided asset to the city team where he has resided for a number of years.
she's a great asset to us
She would be an enormous asset to this country and she is a very special case.
His obvious passion for the game and attitude to work would be a great asset to anyone.
We should view the green belt as an appropriate setting for the city and an asset to its future generations.
The bridge would be an asset to both the local community and to visitors from further afield.
He spoke of the beauty of the course and its location and said the club was a huge asset to tourism.
They are a highly-qualified couple and would be a wonderful asset to this country.
The player is too prized an asset to sell to a rival at a bargain price.
that's a great asset to you