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assessor / эксперт, заседатель, податной чиновник
имя существительное
expert, examiner, judge, assessor, adept, craftsmaster
податной чиновник
assessor, amildar
имя существительное
a person who assesses someone or something, in particular.
Clearly the assessor is providing technical knowledge on behalf of the tribunal.
After having an affidavit, the costs assessor still persisted in saying that he preferred their position to mine.
The expert assessor recommended that the applicant have sole custody.
He later acquired a farm of two hundred acres and served as a justice of the peace, magistrate, county tax assessor , and county surveyor.
Here is a quote from the diary of an insurance assessor , who somehow had to take claims from people unfortunate enough to be affected.
Following the oral argument, the legal assessor formulated two questions for the Committee, which were disclosed to the parties.
An insurance assessor was due to visit the club on Tuesday and it is hoped repairs could begin shortly.
They have all been removed because an insurance assessor said they could be used in an arson attack, even though there have been no such fires there.
I also act as an independent insurance and warranty assessor for two major cycle outlets.
Many states apply equalization rates to an assessor 's estimated market value to derive the assessed value.