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assess / оценивать, облагать налогом, облагаться
evaluate, appreciate, estimate, assess, rate, measure
облагать налогом
tax, assess, levy a tax on, rate
impose, assess
evaluate or estimate the nature, ability, or quality of.
the committee must assess the relative importance of the issues
to assess an applicant
The public will be given an opportunity to assess the relative quality of these submissions.
The first, essential step in defining the conflict is to assess the nature of the challenge.
the survey will assess if customers are happy
He said it was too early to assess the oil damage but added that the entrance to the wetlands was mostly protected by a natural sandbar.
it is difficult to assess whether this is a new trend
This is in fact what he did and the price he offered is a reasonable basis to assess damages in this case.
As soon as officials get down there, they're going to be able to assess the damage there.
An occupational therapist is employed to assess the individual abilities and needs of people living with a disability.
The first phase will evaluate and assess the current status of the Egyptian insurance market.