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assert / утверждать, отстаивать, заявлять
claim, affirm, say, assert, maintain, approve
defend, advocate, assert, fight, stand up for, maintain
declare, claim, say, state, assert, announce
state a fact or belief confidently and forcefully.
the company asserts that the cuts will not affect development
They will allow people to assert their rights to fair use over copyright materials.
But surely if any religious creed is to have validity it has to assert its authority over science?
Neither does he explicitly assert that our natural beliefs are true.
When women can assert human rights against them, through a law they can use themselves, women will have a right to a place in the world.
At a later stage, the tenant was able to assert his rights to possession of the land against anyone who dispossessed him.
In order to establish that contention the applicants assert they have no need to rely upon any statutory underpinning.
They are conducted in order to assert authority and extend influence.
it was time to assert himself
the good librarian is able to assert authority when required
How strong are you in the face of someone trying to assert authority over you through their verbal abuse?