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assembly / монтажный, сборочный
имя прилагательное
mounting, assembly
assembly, adjusting
имя существительное
assembly, assembling, assemblage, installation, fitting, erection
mounting, assembling, assembly, montage, erection, fitting
meeting, assembly, collection, congregation, convention, convocation
имя существительное
a group of people gathered together in one place for a common purpose.
an assembly of scholars and poets
the action of gathering together as a group for a common purpose.
a decree guaranteeing freedom of assembly
the action of fitting together the component parts of a machine or other object.
a car assembly plant
If you haven't seen RISC assembly code before, it may be strange to see so many operands on a single line.
Police released them later and told them to present themselves on Thursday to see whether they will be charged in court or not for holding illegal assembly .
places for public assembly
Elected to the state assembly in 1904 and the state senate in 1908, he became that body's youngest president pro tempore in 1911.
But democracy is a set of mechanisms to guarantee freedom of thought and assembly and peaceful competition for governmental authority through ballot boxes.
We are particularly aware of the need to cause as little disruption to the community as possible and would have wished to use local car parks as assembly points.
These require freedom of assembly , multiple candidates, free access by those candidates to the media, and the right to form political parties.
The police arrested about 50 triad members for the crime of illegal assembly .
We've had a special assembly and are putting together a book of memories for her family.
Having standardized parts fabrication, Ford in 1910 opened a revolutionary car assembly plant in Highland Park, Michigan.