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assembler / транслятор
имя существительное
имя существительное
a person who assembles a machine or its parts.
I met crankshaft grinders and engine assemblers who could discuss the ROI of their machine tools.
The drawback is that for a sophisticated task, this can be like programming an operating system in assembler .
We do not want someone who'll come in and turn us into an assembler for them.
It came with BASIC, but you could get a cheap assembler anywhere and start exploring exactly which bits did what.
I chose instead to abandon the assembler and write my own.
Much of the system was still written in assembler .
For those who have never looked at assembler , the code will seem a little strange but not for long.
Well, I suppose I could use the DOS debug program as a mini assembler .
This number includes the three two-man engine assembly teams, a full-time head assembler and ‘floating’ person that works two full days a week on head assembly.
Loading the editor took five minutes; loading the assembler took 15 minutes.
As most C Compilers do not provide wrapper functions, this would require an in-line assembler .