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assemblage / сборка, монтаж, собрание
имя существительное
assembly, assembling, assemblage, installation, fitting, erection
mounting, assembling, assembly, montage, erection, assemblage
meeting, assembly, collection, congregation, convention, assemblage
имя существительное
a collection or gathering of things or people.
a wondrous assemblage of noble knights, cruel temptresses, and impossible loves
This outstanding collection is the result of the assemblage of important private collections including the contents of Emo House, County Laois and Ivy Hall, County Tipperary.
This great assemblage of birds forms one of the finest wildlife spectacles in the country and attracts many birdwatchers to the island, thus boosting its tourist industry.
A large statue or an assemblage of stones also can be used as a substitute.
Even more so than its predecessor, Rediffusion is the result of relentless sound researches, passionate assemblage and a sharp observation of existing combinations.
some vast assemblage of gears and cogs
A diverse assemblage of winged insects appears suddenly in the fossil record about 330 million years ago, and there are few clues about their evolutionary lineage.
The river had sported a ragged and changing assemblage of cottonwoods, dense stands of willows, and water-seeking shrubs, weeds, grasses, and moss.
a loose assemblage of diverse groups
Some of the pieces in this assemblage , for example, include African carving's, part of an animal skeleton, letters of the alphabet and costume jewelry.
Bringing these ideas, words, and images to life are an assemblage of diverse and gifted actors unafraid to open themselves to each of these characters.