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assault / нападение, штурм, атака
имя существительное
attack, assault, offense, onslaught, aggression, charge
storm, assault
attack, assault, charge, onslaught, thrust, onset
имя прилагательное
assault, attack
storm, assault
attack, charge, assault, assail
attack, assault, assail, hit, come, hit off
имя существительное
a physical attack.
his imprisonment for an assault on the film director
a concerted attempt to do something demanding.
a winter assault on Mt. Everest
make a physical attack on.
he pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer
As battles raged across the city centre, 15 militants mounted an assault on a police station near the airport.
I'd like to tell my teammates to hold this position while I take a few forward and assault another location, but I can't control them at all, so I move out alone.
Air raids began last Thursday and troops started the ground assault the following day.
In response, the army launched a military assault on the facility in which the men were being held, demolishing parts of the building.
a winter assault on Mt Everest
She broke off her verbal assault because John had started to laugh.
Other recent violent attacks include an assault on a couple who asked two boys to switch off their mobile phones during a film.
Physical assault on women by intimate partners is recognized widely as a leading cause of injury to women in the United States.
The father was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm, but was acquitted.
He might have escaped when the boats first started the assault on the house.