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assassin / убийца, террорист
имя существительное
killer, murderer, slayer, assassin, gunman, basher
terrorist, assassin, assassinator, dynamiter
имя существительное
a murderer of an important person in a surprise attack for political or religious reasons.
She knew now he was not sleeping, and had been murdered by the assassins who lay dead on her floor.
Police believe the victim may not have even seen the assassin who murdered him with a single shot to the back.
The assassin hadn't killed him yet - that was important given the skill this man had.
It's unlikely a professional assassin would have shown his face or made a getaway on foot.
However, I was an assassin , trained to kill with or without a good reason.
We also give the name of the assassin who attempted three days ago to murder an SEP member.
From his comment, Flynn obviously knew the reason why his assassin was there.
He was murdered under mysterious circumstances; the assassin has never been found.
This particular guild was a home to 75 of the best thieves, assassins and cut throats in Europe.
In June, the Sultan had an Assassin try to murder Prince Edward.
The combination of the assassins , of time, of blame, and his own inevitable errors mean that someone else must take on the job.