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aspiration / стремление, аспирация, устремление
имя существительное
aspiration, pursuit, tendency, intention, ambition, endeavor
aspiration, inhalation
aspiration, rush
имя существительное
a hope or ambition of achieving something.
he had nothing tangible to back up his literary aspirations
the action or process of drawing breath.
These factors lead to either inhalation or aspiration of pathogens into the respiratory tract.
the action of pronouncing a sound with an exhalation of breath.
If voicing is delayed, the voiceless region at the beginning of the vowel is known as aspiration .
bathing solutions were changed by careful aspiration
Being good at hand-to-hand combat was never an aspiration of his.
‘The continental day is my aspiration ,’ he said.
By then he had also begun his campaign to place the CIG on a firmer legal footing, an aspiration fulfilled early in his successor's term.
To executives, modeling a company's performance on its best-in-class competitor is an ambitious but attainable aspiration .
A 20-or 30-mL syringe should be used to provide optimal suction for aspiration .
If the will to live exists, it may be deeply affected by core life issues, specifically questions of aspiration , goals, purposes and personal meaning.
But creating that kind of architecture is only possible for a client who really understands the aspiration .
The entire history of artillery is marked by the aspiration of designers and developers to create ever more powerful systems.
If such a commitment is a valuable aspiration and one that our political community wants to facilitate, then we need to examine and remove impediments to such relationships.