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aspirate / придыхательный звук, придыхательный согласный, знак придыхания
имя существительное
придыхательный звук
придыхательный согласный
знак придыхания
произносить с придыханием
удалять из какой-л. полости
имя существительное
an aspirated consonant.
They can't seem to handle hard aspirates at all, and sibilants are difficult for them.
matter that has been drawn from the body by aspiration.
gastric aspirate
pronounce (a sound) with an exhalation of breath.
the aspirated allophone of p occurs in “pie.”
draw (fluid) by suction from a vessel or cavity.
Fresh blood was aspirated from the nasogastric tube.
provide (an internal combustion engine) with air.
the superchargers produce twice the power of standard aspirated engines
имя прилагательное
(of a sound) pronounced with an exhalation of breath; aspirated.
For instance, aspirated consonants are written with a small superscript h after the symbol for the corresponding unaspirated consonant.
Bronchial aspirate were obtained by aseptic technique using a sterile suction catheter each time.
Many foods can be dangerous for small children since they can aspirate the items, which will result in blockage of the breathing passages.
To confirm a suspected second relapse, a bone marrow aspirate and core biopsy were performed.
Likewise, observing the appearance of feeding tube aspirate is also unreliable because gastric contents can look similar to respiratory secretions.
In four of nine cases, the same pathogen was diagnosed both in serum and in the nasopharyngeal aspirate .
Iron staining of the bone marrow aspirate revealed increased storage iron.
So let's practice distinguishing ejective from aspirated stops, okay class?
In addition, this engine allows longer service intervals over the naturally aspirated version.
Blood should be cultured from all patients who have aspirated water.
He aspirated some water and another coughing spasm started.