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asperity / неровность, шероховатость, резкость
имя существительное
rough, roughness, irregularity, asperity, jog, abruptness
roughness, rugosity, asperity, seediness, shagginess
harshness, abruptness, definition, roughness, asperity, acerbity
имя существительное
harshness of tone or manner.
he pointed this out with some asperity
"Even Lizzie could have married him," said Mr Bennet with some asperity .
he pointed this out with some asperity
Samples, tapes, synths, drum programmes and all-sorts have been embedded into the sound to create a dynamic asperity .
He also points out with asperity that Fry abandoned a play to near-certain death, allowing his friend Rik Mayall to sink with it.
"We seemed incapable of venturing out onto those expansive grounds without encountering one another," She said with some asperity .
Writing in French purified his style, and his translations into English of his work retain a penitential rigour and asperity .
"You and Fitz would drown in your own filth before you noticed anything was out of place," William exclaimed with asperity .
"I did not avoid the engagement out of spite," said Emily with some asperity .
To which she is likely to respond with a touch of asperity : "That is the wrong question".
"No, of course he did not," she replied with some asperity .