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asocial / необщественный, враждебный, нарушающий интересы общества
имя прилагательное
hostile, enemy, inimical, antagonistic, adverse, asocial
нарушающий интересы общества
имя прилагательное
avoiding social interaction; inconsiderate of or hostile to others.
the cat's independence has encouraged a view that it is asocial
He reasoned that atomized, asocial economic actors better serve competitive markets.
An autistic child placed under pressure will behave in an asocial way by withdrawing, or ignoring or using stereotypes (e.g.: rocking or flapping) to place distance between themselves and the source of pressure.
This asocial conceptualization of competition and markets leads to the view of social relations as ‘impediments’ or ‘friction’ in the efficient functioning of markets.
Social groups were composed largely of males, but some males remained solitary year-round and most females were asocial .
Contrary to a commonly held belief, self-regulated learning is not asocial in nature and origin.
This suggests that the asocial ideal of the autonomous individual is limited in the enjoyment of life it can produce.
One even observes today an outbreak of asocial behavior - ‘little’ daily acts of senseless violence in our cities.
The human organism is an asocial , complex, biological entity.
Perhaps some people indeed think of it as a video game, which is why they may act out all sorts of asocial needs on the avatars walking across their screen.
This introverted and asocial woman would have a deep and long-lasting friendship with us.