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asleep / спящий, заснувший навеки, тупой
имя прилагательное
sleeping, dormant, asleep, sleeper
заснувший навеки
blunt, blunt, stupid, dull, dull, asleep
имя прилагательное
in or into a state of sleep.
she had been asleep for over three hours
When I got to Las Vegas, I got my racing number and went back to the car to rest and fell asleep .
She had pizza bagels for lunch and fell asleep for a nap soon after we were done.
There they fell asleep and slept peacefully, as lovers did when they were together.
One night she was at a party and fell asleep sitting on the speakerbox.
I felt like a part of my brain was numb or asleep , but at the same time liberated.
I fell asleep knowing that whatever we had, it was finished, that this moment would be the last, that I had to let him go.
I was so glad of my bed when I got to it that I fell asleep right away, and slept through until I was woken by the phone at eight.
Samuel smiled and wrapped his arms around her as he too dozed off and fell asleep .
Then he would ask for her to help him to stand up, because his legs had fallen asleep .
I used to listen to your breathing for hours after you fell asleep at night.