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askance / косо, искоса, с подозрением
obliquely, askance, askew, slantwise, aslant, bias
askance, askew, askant, all squeegee
с подозрением
suspiciously, askance, askant
with an attitude or look of suspicion or disapproval.
the reformers looked askance at the mystical tradition
Boyle sits upright, looking askance at my brick-like tape recorder.
a waiter looked askance at his jeans
The visitation staff initially looked askance at the brouhaha, but they ended up laughing hysterically at the bizarre display.
Many people looked askance at what they perceived as very ‘alternative’ thinking.
What it does imply is that biotechnology research no longer looks askance to other fields for its metaphoric Inspiration.
Traditional British pop audiences tend to look askance at child stars.
It's a mysterious place to the little girl - a place where people look at her askance , and where flowers suddenly appear from nowhere on doorsteps.
But when the blockade is prolonged, inconveniencing thousands of motorists, one has to look askance at it.
Jordan looked askance at the wrinkled clothes Aidan wore.
People look askance at the young driver as the car passes noisily by.