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ashtray / пепельница, зольник
имя существительное
ashtray, ash-pot, ash-stand
ashpan, ashtray, ashpit, ashcan, ash bunker, ashbin
имя существительное
a receptacle for tobacco ash and cigarette butts.
The idea is that smokers use the ashtrays instead of dropping cigarette ends on the streets, saving the council thousands of pounds in clean-up bills.
The busy staff showed us to our table decorated with a spilt ashtray and cigarette burns.
He stabbed his cigarette out in the ashtray and returned to his cabin.
She turned to Jen, who had just put her cigarette out in the ashtray beside her.
The only thing that was inside was a pack of cigarettes, an ashtray , and a lighter.
Another set-up consisted of a glass ashtray and a packet of cigarettes.
If you leave such a cigarette in an ashtray unattended, it will extinguish itself.
Archer places his cigarette in an ashtray nearby and takes a drink before answering.
I tapped ashes from my cigarette into an ashtray on the floor and decided to take her up on the offer.
He does not look at her but places his cigarette in the ashtray .
Malachi drank the rest of his cup of coffee and ground out the cigarette in the ashtray .