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ashram / ашрам, притон наркоманов
имя существительное
притон наркоманов
имя существительное
(in South Asia) a hermitage, monastic community, or other place of religious retreat for Hindus.
A trip down the ashrams and bhajan ashrams of this holy city gives an insight into the plight of the ‘elderly’ and how science, technology, and development have not even reached the fringes of this historical place.
The day after graduation, I joined an ashram , an Indian-style spiritual community, situated on twenty-one acres of woods in eastern Massachusetts.
The ashram had previously conducted coed retreats, but was aware of studies in education showing the value of all-girl programs.
The children have been shifted to an ashram or hermitage run by a local sage where they are being made to recite Vedic mantras and fire rituals are being performed to drive the spirits away.
I had gone to the ashram expressly to meet the spiritual teacher, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, whose Sunnyasin movement had just begun to attract followers from the West.
The ashram had several retreat cottages for guests.
During my 15th year of living in a Hindu-style ashram , a spiritual community in the woods of Massachusetts, I was given a two-month leave of absence.
Once, during my 11 th year of living at the ashram , a Hindu-style spiritual retreat, I actually experienced that transcendental state.
In the Saivite tradition, an aadheenam is a monastery-temple complex and not an ashram in the usual sense.
She had been a periodic member of the ashram where I lived for 15 years before moving to Jerusalem and taking on the path of Judaism.
Having children meant leaving the ashram , being exiled from my spiritual paradise.