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ashore / на берегу, на берег, к берегу
на берегу
ashore, on shore
на берег
к берегу
ashore, landward, landwards
to or on the shore from the direction of the sea.
the seals come ashore to breed
These can hit the shore within minutes on occasion, and can rush ashore without warning causing immeasurable damage.
As we scrambled ashore , more experienced sailors were taking to the water with glee aboard a fleet of dinghies and catamarans.
This is also the time to talk to the authorities about public shelters ashore .
Before this the staff had only been able to fly ashore for a couple of days' rest on a rotational basis.
They had suffered only minor shock and injuries and subsequently were transferred ashore .
the seals come ashore to breed
In their voyage through the remote islands and atolls they seldom took the boy ashore , fearing infection.
Handing over the helm he directed me close to land, hopped ashore and left us to fate.
The prize gives special emphasis to research which improves the management or techniques in sick bays ashore and afloat.
Flying low, they not only checked boats afloat, but those stored ashore as well.