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ashlar / кладка из тесаного камня, штучный камень, тесаный камень
имя существительное
кладка из тесаного камня
штучный камень
тесаный камень
имя существительное
masonry made of large square-cut stones, typically used as a facing on walls of brick or stone.
The ground or basement story of the Alabama capitol was constructed of traditional masonry consisting of ashlar walls made of locally quarried sandstone.
A handsome ivy-clad ashlar mansion, the house was built overlooking the Blackwater Valley in the 1770s.
There are numerous cracks in ashlar stones on the external elevation.
The two-bedroomed apartments, spread over four floors, benefit from a unique setting and feature a facade of ashlar stones with carved features.
While easily discernible in plan, the shift from stack bond to traditionally bonded ashlar is too subtle to distinguish the two forms from the street.
There was, on the one hand, the precise architecture, the cold ashlar blocks; on the other, the deep personal loss.
The church itself, begun in the 1150s, has an eleven-bay nave of finely cut ashlar masonry, the seven westernmost bays for lay brothers and those to the east for choir monks.
seven windows are set in ashlar along the upper floor
In our work at the site some thirty or so years later we recorded significant damage resulting from bulldozing and found three ashlar blocks.
It should be remembered that the buildings of Regency Newcastle differ from Nash's London by being of finely cut ashlar , as opposed to the capital's stucco.
The younger man's boot scraped along the surface of the tower wall, finding a narrow crevice between the blocks of ashlar that might support him.