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ashen / пепельный, пепельного цвета, ясеневый
имя прилагательное
ashen, ashy, cinerary, ash-coloured, ash-colored, ashy-gray
пепельного цвета
ashen, cinereous, ash-colored, ash-coloured
имя прилагательное
of the pale gray color of ash.
the ashen morning sky
made of timber from the ash tree.
I slopped the stuff on and miraculously the ashen timbers of our bench and table suite turned slowly back to a healthy brown.
His face was ashen white, and he looked like a ghost, his skin almost translucent.
The rest of us just continue to be stressed out, over worked, ashen and grey faced and up to our necks in debt.
It was the color of an ashen dove and reached her ankles.
Her hair was drier than Egewe had ever seen it, and crusted with dirt and dust to the point that it appeared almost ashen in colour.
Katie's face was pale and ashen and her eyes were glassy.
She turns to look at him; his face is ashen , and there is a cigarette in his hand.
He had a shock of dark blue hair that, yesterday, had blond roots, and his smooth skin was an ashen color, suggesting that he'd been sick for a long time.
A thin plume of ashen smoke drifts into the crystalline sky.
His face was ashen , a yellowish grey color that spoke of death.
Their faces were ashen , sorrow staring back from hollow eyes.