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ash / пепел, зола, ясень
имя существительное
ash, cinder
ash, cinder, calx, kelp
ash, ash-tree
посыпать пеплом
имя существительное
the powdery residue left after the burning of a substance.
cigarette ash
a tree with silver-gray bark and compound leaves. The ash is widely distributed throughout north temperate regions where it can form forests.
The woods most often used for balsamic include chestnut, ash tree , cherry, mulberry, juniper and oak.
an Old English runic letter (so named from the word of which it was the first letter).
The ash of the fruit and the bark, when boiled in oil, are used in making soaps.
Banana sap can be used as a dye, and banana ash is used in making soap.
He visited a £32m project to stabilise mines under the town by pumping them full of a mixture of fuel ash and cement.
The three African generals sat around a table, tipping cigarette ash into a marble tray and tutting about the revolution going on outside.
The internal finishes are impressive, with features such as larch, ash , deal and slate floors and hardwood doubleglazed windows.
The minerals in volcanic ash reflect this wavelength particularly well.
cigarette ash
All the waste is used completely as the small amount of ash residue; which is inert, can be used in by-products.
This fine clay, derived from volcanic ash , binds stools.
Despite the dangers, people often settle near volcanoes because the soil is periodically fertilized with mineral rich ash and dust.