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ascription / приписывание
имя существительное
attribution, ascription
имя существительное
the attribution of something to a cause.
an ascription of effect to cause
The author puts ‘to the Hebrews’ in quotation marks because he, like many other scholars currently working on Hebrews, does not believe that this ascription describes the addressees of this text.
Given this discrepancy, solution may be elusive, and ascription of the patterns to a pervasive pathology whose outbreaks are unpredictable makes sense.
her ascription of the text to Boccaccio
And why use anonymous transmission during Josquin's lifetime as negative evidence when we really know so little about why a piece bears an ascription in one source but not in another?
Too much emphasis on feeling or ascription of meaning could only obscure what was truly musical about music, its articulation of style, form, and structure.
But while I have tried to put poets to as many poems as I can, most verses have remained true to their seventeenth-century nature and elude ascription .
Matthew and Luke somehow stumble over Mark's bald ‘all things are possible to you’, a traditional ascription of omnipotence.
Dr Kruse accepts the traditional ascription of the Gospel to the apostle John, writing in Ephesus towards the end of the first century.
The authors of the Homilies are hard in some cases to specify, and there is wide discrepancy in ascription .
her ascription of the text to Boccaccio