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ascribe / приписывать, приписываться
attribute, ascribe, assign, impute, credit, attach
attribute something to (a cause).
he ascribed Jane's short temper to her upset stomach
I don't want to ascribe human reactions to my dog, because that spoils the joy of seeing things from a dog perspective.
Around the world, people ascribe god-like attributes to lightning, rivers or even old buildings.
Would your workers ascribe these qualities to you?
Ex-radicals usually ascribe their evolution to the inevitable giving way of idealistic youth to responsible maturity.
Many people in the department ascribe his odd behaviour to drunkenness and encroaching senility.
It would be nice to ascribe these ravings to a past generation, except I'm pretty sure her son, who lives in a cosmopolitan city, thinks the same way.
I still think that mischievous, but not nearly as vile as ascribing messianic qualities to a single man.
When this axiom is applied to the chart of the readings of the three versions above, it will be seen that there are good grounds for ascribing the originality to the Masoretic Text.
I am quite sure that no blame can be ascribed to Islington in that regard.
To assess the statistical significance of basic differences between male and female subjects that were independent of any disturbances ascribable to shiftwork, we conducted an initial analysis.