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ascot / Эскот
имя существительное
имя существительное
a man's broad silk necktie.
Spats, watch chains, ivory handled walking sticks, monocles, tie bars, sock garters, ascots , etc: there are actually people who can make these things work because of their personal styles, but most of us can't.
имя существительное
a town in southern England, southwest of London. It is the site of an annual horse race.
He always wears a red smoking jacket and an ascot and a monocle at his parties, and really cool, eclectic people will be there.
He was older than me, blond, wore a white shirt so everyone could see he had a Chelsea body, and could any other teenager make a scarlet ascot look so good?
In ascot and blazer, with his warm, chiseled features, George Clarke Jenkins has always been a handsome fellow.
Fred is dressed as though he were going to a wedding, with striped gray ascot and spats, similar to the outfit he wore at the beginning of Swing Time.
One man was wearing a patchwork coat, a white button down shirt, and an ascot .
Also, you can wear an ascot or a straight tie with it, while being perfectly correct.
The wider collar makes it a good choice with a Euro tie, a long tie that is more formal than a regular necktie, but less so than an ascot .
I, resplendent in my signature red velvet smoking jacket, silk paisley ascot , black lounge pants, and sneakers would be more than happy to answer a few questions from the crowd, while I smoked my pipe of course
His ascot , the color of dried blood, was screaming a warning at me.
And there's the leading man, in his ascot , of course!