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ascending / взойти, подниматься, восходить
ascend, rise, mount
lift, rise, climb, raise, get up, up
ascend, rise, go up, go back, date back, mount
имя прилагательное
increasing in size or importance.
incomes ranked in ascending order of size
sloping or leading upward.
a gently ascending forest path
go up or climb.
she ascended the stairs
rise through the air.
we had ascended 3,000 ft
The remaining passengers will be called to board in ascending order, with up to eight zones per flight depending on the size of the aircraft.
If higher, subsequent plays of that suit must be in ascending order.
For the respondents on the ascending slope of their offending careers, alcohol involvement determined their starting point.
The other implication is that, the caste system also involves the principle of rank and gradation, in so far as the rights increase in ascending order from untouchable to Brahmin.
For example, imagine a line of cards with random numbers written on them that you must rearrange in ascending order.
Skyscrapers, once the hallmark of our devotion to the almighty dollar, appear in ascending quantity outside the US, perhaps because the dollar isn't so almighty after all.
The possible bids in ascending order are as follows.
For every vertical velocity value on the upward leg of the ascending branch there is an equal vertical velocity value downward on the descending branch.
Here is a complete list of the possible bids in ascending order, and their scores.
With a bamboo pole balanced on his shoulder from which was suspended two large baskets filled to the brim with fresh eggs, a man was trudging along an ascending slope paved with cobblestones, humming a tune to himself every now and then.