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ascender / восходящему
восходящее создание
имя существительное
a person or thing that ascends, in particular.
Within each triplet set, the items were matched for rhyme and whether the initial letter was an ascender , descender, or x-height.
The weakest point in this guy rope setup is the cam on the ascender .
With the help of a mechanical ascender , guides and novice climbers creep up ropes like inchworms into the forest canopy.
There are loops on the ascenders and descenders, except for lower case ‘t’ letters and some ‘d' letters, which are straight.
I flex my fingers and grab the two metal ascenders clamped to my climbing rope.
Perhaps we are all graphologists to a certain degree and can detect a person's character in their script: the thickness or thinness of the line, how circular or how angular the curves, how high the ascenders and how low the descenders.
The group logo comprises a giraffe, the animal rendered as if cut out from paper, lettered in a rounded classical font with exaggerated ascenders on the letter ‘f’.
Well, I like ITC Garmond because of the large x-height and shortened ascenders and descenders.
Climbing is done by alternately moving two or three ascenders up the rope.
I undid my waist belt and slid off my pack, unhooked myself from the sled, unclipped my harness from the rope, unclipped the rope from the ascenders , unsnapped both feet from my skis, and walked back down the glacier.