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ascendant / восходящий, господствующий
имя прилагательное
rising, upward, ascendant, uprising, upcast, uprise
ruling, dominant, predominate, prevailing, predominant, ascendant
имя существительное
influence, impact, effect, power, sway, ascendant
родственник по восходящей линии
ascendant, ascendent
predominance, prevalence, dominance, preponderance, domination, ascendant
имя прилагательное
rising in power or influence.
ascendant moderate factions in the party
(of a planet, zodiacal degree, or sign) just above the eastern horizon.
The Astrofaces research project seeks to verify astrology for modern science with photographs grouped by the sun, moon and ascendant signs of the subjects.
имя существительное
the point on the ecliptic at which it intersects the eastern horizon at a particular time, typically that of a person's birth.
If not, then use the ascendant if the birth was preceded by a New Moon.
This hegemony was sanctioned by an ascendant authority, namely science.
The ascendant ideologies of domestic and foreign security share a nexus in privileging the rights of a state over the collective rights of its citizens.
The growth of the exercise phenomenon was inexorably bound up with the ascendant women's movement.
The strategic decision by the United States to try and convince the Shah to share some of his power with the ascendant middle class was the result of a combination of factors.
This was something of a milestone in Hollywood history, signaling the ascendant power of the producer over the director.
A neutral Saturn would probably err on the side of maturity through the Capricorn ascendant .
Obviously, if the ascendant sign could be either of two signs, this greatly affects the evaluation.
The contradictions between an ascendant democratic movement and a timeworn media oligarchy are extreme.
I make sure to read both my sun sign and my ascendant , Cancer and Leo respectively.
To do so would only risk alienating and provoking conflict with a rising Europe and an ascendant Asia.