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ascendancy / господство, власть, доминирующее влияние
имя существительное
domination, rule, dominance, dominating, supremacy, ascendancy
power, authority, rule, control, grip, ascendancy
доминирующее влияние
ascendancy, ascendency, ascendance, ascendence
могущественное влияние
ascendancy, ascendance, ascendence, ascendency
имя существительное
occupation of a position of dominant power or influence.
the ascendancy of good over evil
Cities often stumble onto projects and developments that turn them around, delivering them from a period of decline to one of ascendancy .
The goal is to win political ascendancy and control the political agenda.
Yet farmer-led movements for sustainable agriculture are also in ascendancy .
the ascendancy of good over evil
Falkirk's ascendancy continued but they had goalkeeper Ferguson to thank for their clean sheet.
Dodging this question is a way of avoiding the most important dilemma of film's ascendancy : can a popular form of entertainment also produce art?
Ghastly pale, hovering like a ghoul, he looks as if evil has his heart in a vise. Even in his ascendancy you would never envy him.
In England, from the later middle ages, justices of the peace rose to ascendancy as county authorities, marginalizing sheriffs.
But he was fully convinced that the first two would be best served by the continued ascendancy of the third.
Following his downfall, the conservatives in economic and religious positions are in the ascendancy .