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aryl / арил
имя существительное
of or denoting a radical derived from an aromatic hydrocarbon by removal of a hydrogen atom.
aryl groups
aryl groups
For example, one human gene, first described in 1992, is aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator, a mouthful that is hard to remember except by its acronym, ARNT.
The phenyl group is a ring structure, and as such, it is an aryl group (an organic group derived from an aromatic hydrocarbon with the absence of one hydrogen).
Ardrox, a mixture of alkyl aryl polyglycol ethers, alkylalcohol ethoxylate propoxylate, and petroleum distillates, provides a yellow color.
aryl groups
Extracts of diesel exhaust particles modulate the aryl hydrocarbon receptor and estrogen-dependent gene expression in cells in vitro and are endocrine disrupters.
It seems probable that the initial event in the toxicity of PCBs is mediated through their binding to the aryl hydrocarbon receptor.