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arty-farty / претенциозный
имя прилагательное
ambitious, flatulent, grandiose, brassy, orotund, arty-farty
имя прилагательное
associated with or showing a pretentious interest in the arts.
you can wear a turtleneck to join your artsy-fartsy friends
When that whole emphasis on arts was brought in five years ago, everyone pooh-poohed it as being, you know, arty-farty nonsense.
Another piece of arty-farty claptrap explained that this was ‘to prompt ideas about the relationship between displacement and governance‘.
They live in some airy-fairy arty-farty parallel universe in which the world is seen as owing writers a living - and a very handsome living at that - so long as they ‘express themselves’.
It would entirely upset my long-term image as an arty-farty anarchist.
It sounded like the sort of soaring, gorgeous, melancholy stuff Radiohead used to write before they got too arty-farty to bother with tunes.
One trait of his that I did find annoying however, was his consistent response to what he called airy-fairy or arty-farty explanations of how things worked.
Do you want to see more experimentation or do you wish I'd just wander around town with a digital point-and-shoot like I did in the old days, and forget all about the arty-farty nonsense?
He merely finds it difficult to understand what the two of them, the light-headed rich daughter and the arty-farty , pseudo-intellectual woman about town, see in each other.
I don't see many arty-farty bodies supporting, say, writers of romantic fiction.
After checking in with the receptionist, I was directed to sit next to one of those pieces of modern installation art you typically see around arty-farty offices of late.