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artistry / артистизм, артистичность, художественность
имя существительное
имя существительное
creative skill or ability.
the artistry of the pianist
There was an explosion of colour, creativity and artistry on display among the masqueraders.
the artistry of the pianist
Even the emotional experience that Tchaikovsky's music affords us can be traced back to his consummate artistry .
He has created a small menu of mostly Asian cuisine, lending his own inspired artistry to each dish.
Will his wife appreciate his artistry or will she have him cut it up for firewood to keep her warm?
For he saw in the mass market of Hollywood one whose artistry might equal or surpass anything available in the European art houses.
the artistry of the pianist
Like his film-star predecessor Ronald Reagan, he makes no great claims to artistry .
Of course most of us will never be able to match the skill and artistry of the great musicians of our time.
I was in utter admiration of the talent and artistry that the guys all possessed.