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artistic / художественный, артистический
имя прилагательное
art, artistic, artistical
artistic, artistical
имя прилагательное
having or revealing natural creative skill.
my lack of artistic ability
It is completely devoid of his previous sensitivity, and to a large extent, of his artistic creativity.
Generally, viewers are amazed that sexual motifs can be so beautiful and artistic .
Firstly, the sole bite mark out of the bottom corner is an exquisite artistic touch of which even Tracey Emin would be proud.
Sickert seemed to share Degas' artistic vision in a way he never did with Whistler.
Matisse grew up in a provincial environment starved of artistic contact.
The executives were trying to wrestle artistic and creative control back.
there's little artistic merit in it
This is artistic licence and I think Rubens is taking it to portray sheer power.
You have the time and space to be creative, poetic, artistic and sensitive.
It's this artistic energy that makes the art business so much fun for the rest of us.