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artiste / артист
имя существительное
artist, artiste
имя существительное
a professional entertainer, especially a singer or dancer.
cabaret artistes
He says the makers wanted a glamorous artiste who can perform well in a key role.
Yoga has the power to fine-tune these faculties, and helps an artiste enhance his or her performance.
In another solo performance, the young artiste performed a popular Burmese number.
Mr. Mitra joined the troupe as a child artiste and now he is its secretary.
It is a sort of sampling session for senior musicians and critics to measure the potential an upcoming artiste .
This is not the first time an Indian artiste will perform at the Carnegie Hall.
He says, in fact, that Edmonton is the penultimate stop on his farewell tour as an open-air artiste .
The competition is intended for upcoming artistes and not for professionals.
The South African artistes will perform on a unique triple wheel which rotates on a central axis.
After their individual performances, the artistes will sing a theme song together.