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artist / художник, артист, мастер своего дела
имя существительное
artist, painter, craftsman
artist, artiste
мастер своего дела
artist, ringer, crackjack
имя существительное
a person who produces paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby.
There he met all the other famous artists like Henri Matisse, Joan Miro and George Braques.
The irony of inviting an Aboriginal artist to create a work for a rifle range was not lost on Andrew.
Performers included high-flying trapeze artist Amanda Sandow, 39, whose act incorporated walking upside down across the circus roof.
a surgeon who is an artist with the scalpel
Her enviable reputation as a concert artist and opera singer has lead her to work with many of the world's leading conductors.
Australian born artist , singer and animal lover Rolf Harris is a former resident of Sydenham.
Joseph Rezits is internationally known as a performer, recording artist , lecturer, clinician and author.
Without much difficulty, you can lay one singer's vocal track onto another artist 's music.
The single was the most played song on Irish radio for two weeks and was Damien's first commercial affirmation as a performer and artist in his own right.
The first extensive exhibition in this country devoted to the paintings and drawings of the Renaissance artist will uncover his origins and trace the dramatic development of his style.
Writer, composer, singer, playwright and artist , Ray was a man of huge energy and ability.