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artillery / артиллерия
имя существительное
artillery, ordnance, cannonry
имя прилагательное
artillery, ordnance, ammunition
gun, artillery
имя существительное
large-caliber guns used in warfare on land.
tanks and heavy artillery
Some artillery guns fired white phosphorous rounds that create a screen of fire that cannot be extinguished with water.
tanks and heavy artillery
Likewise, other artillery and light artillery companies from both flanks of the city began to fire.
Fire delivered by artillery and tanks formed the backbone of the antitank defense.
each corps included two regiments of field artillery
On the rest of the front there was intermittent artillery fire.
The night here is punctuated by artillery fire and that fire was coming from the east.
At Flushing the commandos began landing before dawn after a heavy artillery bombardment on the port.
Sarin gas was fired in artillery shells and rockets into heavily forested terrain.
The mortar platoon is the personal artillery battery for the battalion commander.