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artifice / хитрость, изобретение, выдумка
имя существительное
cunning, trick, stealth, trickery, guile, artifice
invention, patent, device, artifice, contrivance, notion
artifice, invention, fiction, fabrication, story, fib
scheme, machination, manipulation, shenanigan, artifice, chicane
agility, dexterity, skill, knack, sleight, artifice
имя существительное
clever or cunning devices or expedients, especially as used to trick or deceive others.
artifice and outright fakery
The purpose of art is not to deny artifice but to manage it so well that it appears inevitable.
With their knowing artifice , the works achieved a stifling kind of perfection.
There is no pretense, no artifice , no meaning, other than what you carry out after you've wiped the fiftieth tear of laughter out of your eye.
Dogme is dedicated to ridding cinema of artifice and superficiality.
Whatever the cause, this interview held my interest and seemed free from artifice .
Wenders always wants it both ways: high artifice and incorruptible honesty.
But Murakami's narration moves along calmly and without clutter or artifice .
Above all, these works set as their priorities artifice and visual pleasure.
In turning the genre inside out, Godard creates a world in which real emotions resemble artifice .
For some, the synthetic world of artifice and self-promotion that is popular music appears to have an irresistible lure.