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articulation / артикуляция, сочленение, сустав
имя существительное
articulation, enunciation
joint, articulation, connection, connexion
joint, articulation
имя существительное
the action of putting into words an idea or feeling of a specified type.
it would involve the articulation of a theory of the just war
the state of being jointed.
the area of articulation of the lower jaw
On the other hand, it is also possible that joint load may add variable forces across the elbow joint articulation thus, increasing joint wobble, thereby increasing measured length changes.
In the passages Mr Hughes referred to, it is at the end of the learned trial judge's reasons for decision and we say, with respect, there is no clear articulation of the prejudice there; it is entirely generalised.
As the syllabus states, Indian cinema has been an important site for the articulation of ideas about nation, class, caste, gender and sexuality, community, and diaspora.
9 The first articulation of this theory came from Luigi Pietrobono in 1915, and was restated by him in somewhat different terms in 1936.
the area of articulation of the lower jaw
For example, women score higher on tests of memory, production and comprehension of complex prose, fine motor tasks and speech articulation .
Because of overlapping mode of articulation , degree to which cover plates could open and expose the food groove appears to have been severely limited.
His elaborate diction and exquisite articulation have since become a positive work of art.
Writing responses requires thought, reflection and articulation of ideas in language.
Some aspects of one sound may be anticipated in a preceding sound and may carry over to the articulation of the following sound.