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artesian / артезианский
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
relating to or denoting a well bored perpendicularly into water-bearing strata lying at an angle, so that natural pressure produces a constant supply of water with little or no pumping.
the water from artesian wells makes agriculture possible
A constant supply of cold, oxygen-deficient water from artesian springs maintains the glacial-like characteristics of prairie fens.
Gauteng has a single artesian spring - on Alberts Farm in Albertskroon in Joburg's northwest suburbs - spurting a fresh, clean trickle of water throughout the year.
Very difficult ground and artesian water conditions were encountered as described in a paper by Albert H. Fay.
The drilling cut off the water supply from three artesian wells on their private land.
Last week, voters here approved a bond issue for a big, new artesian well to guarantee that this town's beautiful landmark lake will continue to have enough water.
It's like a deep artesian well with channels flowing out from it.
During that trip seven artesian springs were discovered by Joseph Albert Herrgott, a German Botanist, travelling with John McDouall Stuart.
I would say that over the years they will have more artesian wells and will bring in irrigation on a wider scale.
There are whole areas outside Pattaya which do not even have city water and must use artesian wells, or hire trucks to fill personal water storage tanks.
It was taken to Ilam to pump water for domestic supply from an artesian bore near the water wheel to a water tank on a tower beside the homestead.