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arse / жопа, задница, зад
имя существительное
ass, asshole, arsehole, fanny, clod, awkward
ass, bum, butt, asshole, backside, arsehole
ass, backside, rear, bottom, behind, bum
donkey, ass, jackass, goat, brayer, moke
ass, hack, serf
имя существительное
a hoofed mammal of the horse family with a braying call, typically smaller than a horse and with longer ears.
This family, made up of the horses, asses and zebras, contains one genus with nine species.
a foolish or stupid person.
that ass of a young man
a person's buttocks or anus.
used in slang terms as an intensifier, often with depreciatory reference.
I made a complete arse of myself
he fell on his arse
he's a pompous arse
he needs a good kick up the arse
some silly arse in a jeep has blocked me in
The evidence of their endeavours is still apparent, with most of the island made over to vast salt-pans and great gatherings of feral asses , descendants of those donkeys that pulled the salt carts.
that ass of a young man
Animals covered include horses, donkeys, asses , cattle, camels, pigs, goats, and sheep, with the most extensive tradition covering the larger species.
The silly ass asked the electors: ‘Who governs Britain?’
In captivity, Asian wild asses have lived for 26 years.