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arrowhead / наконечник, размерная стрелка, острие стрелы
имя существительное
tip, nozzle, cap, point, arrowhead, shoe
размерная стрелка
острие стрелы
имя существительное
the pointed end of an arrow, typically wedge-shaped.
Flint arrowheads were shaped to a point and inserted into a slot and tied with sinew to the front of the arrow.
an aquatic or semiaquatic plant with arrow-shaped leaves and three-petaled white flowers.
Bog plants, also known as emergent and marginal plants, include some hardy types such as pickerel weed, arrowheads , cattails and yellow water iris; and shorter species including golden-club, parrot's feather and spike rush.
Primitive man started with a arrowhead that was hardened by burning the end of the shaft slightly, then sharpened by shaping the burned end.
When he awoke the boy was still there, fastening the arrowhead to the tip.
Broad-leaved arrowhead and lizard's tail are found where the water is deepest, while skunk cabbage, with its huge leaves, lines the perimeter of the fen.
‘First you aim,’ he explained and showed her by moving the arrow and her hand to point the arrowhead to the red mark fifteen metres away.
The villa's distinctive pentagonal shape framed by arrowhead bastions makes it one of the most memorable monuments of the late Roman Renaissance.
For a fleeting instant, he felt as though he viewed himself and Lily from far above, two tiny figures seated on horse, upon a swath of grassland shaped like an arrowhead , its point buried in the gap of the deep glen.
Wetland communities include, in addition to stands of soft-stem bulrush, very marshy areas with water plantain and broad-leaved arrowhead , two closely related species whose flowers have three white petals.
Her tail is sleek and graceful, ending in a point like an arrowhead .
Mill Creek foraging parties may have opportunistically harvested a number of resources from these wetlands including nesting waterfowl, muskrats, and arrowhead tubers.
Giles's most distinctive designs are the bucrania, floral bouquets, arrowhead and mosaic patterns, spiralling vines and the Grubbe and acanthus borders.