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arriviste / карьерист, выскочка
имя существительное
careerist, climber, social climber, placeman, arriviste, place-hunter
upstart, parvenu, squirt, jackanapes, mushroom, arriviste
имя существительное
an ambitious or ruthlessly self-seeking person, especially one who has recently acquired wealth or social status.
Full of arrivistes and the new rich for whom desperate consumption was a proof of being, its secret world (secret, that is, to all not admitted to the charmed circles of the West End) revolved around sex and gambling.
Believe me, the work of a line cook in a restaurant catering to the tastes of arriviste Texans is even more boring than it is cracked up to be.
Distinguishing between a painted lady of ancient noble lineage and a lady with arriviste social ambitions who availed herself of face paint with equal liberality is no longer a matter of reading fixed signs on the surface of the body.
As the Van Doren family play their favourite parlour game - trading Shakespearian quotes across the dinner table - an arriviste young lawyer watches, open-mouthed and clearly intimidated.
Many more felt a sentimental attachment to Jacobitism, or at least alienation from the arriviste courts of William III and the Georges.
One strand of poetry, even today, represents the resentment of the old middle class at finding its assets devalued by a flood of competition; its hauteur towards the arriviste working class graduates.
Given the Marxian reduction of everything to class interests, it is obvious that a petit bourgeois arriviste such as Ms. Rodham-Clinton can neither command the allegiance of the proletariat nor enjoy the trust of the capitalists.
Many, such as Fielding's cousin Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, would go on laughing at Richardson, the anxious arriviste , for his ‘low’ pretensions to gentility.
What's more at the end of the day, Conrad Black was still Conrad Black: egotist, aspirant and arriviste .
Jean Chretien (though now wealthy) is an outsider, an arriviste , and a rags-to-riches political scrapper.
He stands out among the arriviste engineers who dominate the tech industry, combining aristocratic reserve with a merchant's frugality and the obsessive drive of an entrepreneur.