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arrive / приехать, приезжать, прибывать
come, arrive
come, arrive, come over, come up, turn up, get in
arrive, come, come in, get, land, wax
reach a place at the end of a journey or a stage in a journey.
we arrived at his house and knocked at the door
A cold front will arrive today and bring rains to the north and the east over the weekend, the bureau said yesterday.
In the post World War II years, new products were slow to arrive on the commercial market.
In Swindon, nearly all local mail letters that are posted in the town and delivered to addresses in the SN area code arrive on time.
it should arrive in the schools soon
Products take 5-7 days to arrive by DHL, for a reasonable £6 throughout Britain.
With emergency supplies slow to arrive , some New Orleans residents have died of dehydration in the past few days.
They were both waiting anxiously for the new baby to arrive .
There are nine products which will arrive in the US showrooms by the end of 2004, reports Automotive News.
However, if you struggle too much then you won't actually be able to achieve victory once you arrive .
to arrive at an organisation