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arresting / захватывающий, поражающий, задерживающий
имя прилагательное
exciting, spectacular, breathtaking, thrilling, engrossing, arresting
detaining, staying, inhibitory, arresting, impedimental
имя прилагательное
striking; eye-catching.
at 6 feet 6 inches he was an arresting figure
a person or agency that seizes and detains (someone or something) by legal authority.
the arresting officer
seize (someone) by legal authority and take into custody.
the police arrested him for possession of marijuana
stop or check (progress or a process).
the spread of the disease can be arrested
attract the attention of (someone).
his attention was arrested by a strange sound
I was in graduate school by then and knew the arresting officer because we'd gone to high school together.
Critics have already compared this film to the work of Terrence Malick (The Thin Red Line) with its slow-motion, visually arresting style.
Before this happened, they had turned out a string of arresting films, many of which were hits - Thunder Rock, The Guinea Pig, and I'm All Right Jack, to name but a few.
Uncle Dave had a healthy disrespect for authority and his advice to ‘always take the arresting officer's number’ has stood me in good stead.
The arresting officer applied ‘restraint’ on the man's neck.
It makes for an arresting and accomplished film with some truly outstanding acting along the way.
Evans was jailed for 21 hours, but she was surprised to discover that her arresting officer agreed with her opposition to the war in Iraq.
Particularly arresting are those pictures which reveal the incredible symmetry and patterning to be found in the natural world, but all bear eloquent testimony to the planet's beauty.
The arresting part of this photo is not her femaleness, although foregrounding her gender seems to be the intention, but the condition of her gun, which is old, chipped, and rusty.
It is a pity that there exists no serious biography of Archibald Wavell, an intriguing and arresting figure.